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Friday, May 18, 2012

Christmas in April

SpeedFire Electric Mini
After having miserable few weeks, I decided that a new toy would cheer me up. I've been pining for a kiln for years and finally found one that suits my needs. This kiln is perfect for me because it is small, operates on a very low wattage, and is surprisingly affordable. The cost (without accessories) is $189, but I also purchased the pyrometer and temperature controller. This added about an extra $92 to the cost but the ability to control and monitor the temperature will be well worth it.

PMC Sterling - .925
 This kiln will fire all major types of metal clay, but you can also work with glass and enameling. I am most excited to work with PMC Sterling. To use this type of clay, you must have a kiln - it's not suitable for torch firing. It is a two step process: first, you fire the metal for 30 minutes @ 1000 degrees F on an open kiln shelf to burn away the binder, then you fire the piece in carbon @ 1500 F to sinter the piece. I haven't tried it yet, but I have a brand new pack of clay that is screaming to be used!

Art Clay Copper - Very affordable!

This is another type of clay that can be used with the SpeedFire Electric Mini. I do have a pack of this, but haven't tried it out yet. This type of copper clay is great because it doesn't need to be fired in carbon!

In short, my new SpeedFire is the best thing that's happened to me. Prior to this, I torch fired all of my pieces and now I can fire multiple pieces, large pieces, and gemstones that cannot withhold torch firing. This kiln is great if you are working on a small scale and are sick of butane torches. It is so easy to use and produces great results! I feel like this has opened up a whole new world of PMC production for me!


  1. Hmm. Having some trouble posting a comment! Let's try one more time....
    I was wondering, since it's been a little while since you got it, how you feel about your SpeedFire Electric MiniKiln? I'm seriously considering picking up the 1800 model, but I have precisely zero kiln experience and there are very few reviews out there for this product.
    Thanks in advance for any advice you're able to offer!

  2. I love, love, love my kiln! I have successfully fired many pieces in it and it's exactly how they describe it - economical and efficient.

    If you are just firing PMC3, you don't need to buy the pyrometer and temp. control. However, I find them useful because you can see when the kiln hits the minimum temp. and then time it for 10 minutes. The extras are necessary if you are working with PMC sterling or bronze clay because you need to monitor the temperature closely.

    Before the Speedfire Mini, I never had kiln experience either. It's a great starter and I have not had one problem or complaint. Prior to this, I torch fired everything so I am able to do so many things that I couldn't before. I highly recommend it!

  3. I have this kiln and a little disappointed that I can't fire larger items. What size crucible do you use?